DocProtect 4.0

Ensure only licensed customers can use documents.
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Authors can protect popular file types to ensure that documents are only viewable on licensed computers. With basic computer skills, anyone can use DocProtect on HTML projects, image collections, video and audio files, PDFs and Excel spreadsheets. DocProtect works independently or together with the QuickLicense protection and licensing system. DocProtect can apply a computer unique password to generate a Protected Document with a few button clicks. The vendor can provide each customer computer with a unique password upon first launch to ensure that only licensed computers can use the document. A Protected Document can link to an online activation server to enable the vendor to sell Serial Numbers that allow a specified number of computer activations.
A PDF document with restricted features like copy, export or save can be protected with a computer specific activation process. Almost any document type can be saved or printed as a PDF file including Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, then secured with DocProtect. An HTML project with hundreds of files, images and folders can be compiled into a standard Mac or Windows application with a custom icon. Simply drag the main file onto DocProtect. When running on the user's computer, a browser window with back and forward buttons allows link navigation to pages embedded within the application or external pages on the Internet. HTML source files and URLs are hidden from the user.
Over a dozen popular video and audio file formats can be protected including .mov, .avi, .mp4 and .f4v flash video. The video or audio file plays within a simple, secure player window that does not allow the video to be shared or saved to other computers. The user can start and stop the video, adjust the volume, move and resize the window using standard player controls. Image files of virtually any format can be collected, named, described and individually password protected. Users can preview images, then click a button to present a vendor web page to purchase the image or export the original file format including vector images, drawings or CAD files.



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