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Customize the appearance of your Dock bar on desktop.

Dockey is a simple Dock preferences customization tool that lets you adjust your Dock's appearance. Therefore, you can modify it in terms of position on the screen, animation, and hiding-related issues.

The program's interface is clear-cut and intuitive, so anyone can manage it with ease. With no Preferences options to tailor, all settings can be accessed exclusively from within the main window. This way, you can set the Dock's position on the desktop, which can have the classic horizontal appearance at the bottom of your screen or can be vertically orientated on the left or on the right side of your desktop. In addition, you have the ability to auto-hide the bar to benefit from a larger screen, set the animation delay and the animation speed. A preview panel allows you to see the impact of your changes upon the Dock's appearance prior to enabling the modifications. All you need to do is move the mouse towards the preview so you can see how your Dock will look like if you save the changes. Unfortunately, you can neither reduce the size of the icons on the Dock nor change the background color of the bar.

To sum up, Dockey offers a simple solution to modify the appearance of your Dock so it can better fit your needs. Using the app is very easy, even for those unfamiliar with such customization tools.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Change Dock's position on desktop
  • Auto-hide the Dock bar
  • Set animation speed and delay


  • Can't reduce icons' size
  • Can't change the background color of the bar