Disk Space Tab

Disk Space Tab 1.7

This program shows disk information under your Menu Bar.

Disk Space Tab is a utility that you see on your Menu Bar and which displays the information about any internal or external drive, USB stick or DVD that are at present being connected to your computer. This application also lets you know about the amount of free space you got left on any of the aforementioned devices.

After the program is installed, a new icon appears on your Menu Bar. Directly from it you can check how much space is being used or left free on your local drives, USB sticks, and other devices.

A good thing about this Mac application is that it uses a small amount of CPU resources while running on your Menu Bar. Yet, it is very useful and powerful as it lets you know which folders or files occupy the most of your drive's memory.

Probably, nothing more can be added to my review. The program simply does what it is being designed for by the developers and that's it.

With that being said, it's up to you to decide whether it's worth installing a third-party tool to reveal the amount of free space you got left on your drives or not. This application is free of charge, hence, you have nothing to lose by trying it on your computer.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple to use
  • Uses minimum CPU resources
  • Displays accurate info
  • Free of charge


  • None
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