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Free Disk Scope is a system utility that can help you free some hard drive space.
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Disk Scope is a system utility that can help you free some hard drive space. These days, with the incredibly fast Internet connections and so much content to download, I often run low on hard drive space. It is a common nuisance but one that can be easily fixed most of the times. This application can scan the main hard drive on your Mac and tell you how much space your Mac folders are taking up. With that information in hand, you can start deleting files to regain some space.

When you first start the application, it will ask you to confirm that you want to start a scan on your main hard drive. After that, the application will start looking in your Desktop, Documents, Music, Applications, Movies, Pictures, Downloads and Shared folders and display how much space is used in each of those folders. It will show the space used next to the folder name, and it will also use a bar for a graphical representation of this data. Up at the top, there is another bar that shows the total hard drive capacity, and how much is free and used.

The only action that Disk Scope can take is to clean the Caches folder, which often has a few gigabytes in it. In some cases, that is enough to get your Mac working alright again.

Unfortunately, this app will only scan a limited set of folders. If your data is in other folders, it won't get considered by Disk Scope, and that isn't very helpful. Also, you can't select a hard drive that is not your main one.

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  • Fast
  • It scans your main folders
  • Shows the amount of space used


  • You can't choose another disk to scan
  • It won't scan other folders



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