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Free Free up disk space to make your system run more smoothly.
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As you may have guessed from its name, Disk Clean Lite is intended to free up disk space and make your system run more smoothly. The application is configured to scan those locations and file types most likely to consume storage space unnecessarily, which includes remnants of your Internet activities, leftovers of uninstalled apps and unneeded email attachments. Likewise, it can spot big files so that you can decide what to do about them.

Disk Clean Lite has a nice compact interface, which does not require opening additional windows, except for Settings. As said above, it has been optimized to find frequent consumers of disk space, which makes the scan quite faster than those of other similar tools.

The utility produces a neat report. In this respect, it uses a color system to identify different types of data, including such categories as Application Log Files, Application Caches, Old iPhone/iPad Backups, Mail Download Folder, Download Folder, Browser Data, Trash Can, iOS Photo Cache and Large Files. Besides, it is good that it gives you the opportunity to decide what items to keep or clean, which minimizes the risk of accidental deletion of useful information. Even though Disk Clean Lite can effectively remove app leftovers, it is not an uninstaller as it cannot remove the APP files.

Good news is that the tool can be set to start along with the system and perform automatic checks. This way, there is a Threshold Monitor to alert you when the amount of available space drops below a given level, which you have the opportunity to customize. Although you can check that directly from the application’s window, it is advisable to configure email alerts as well.

All in all, Disk Clean Lite does a rather decent job in recovering valuable disk space. Unfortunately, the cleaner has limitations when it comes to scanning custom locations, such as those located in external and backup drives. The product can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store; yet, its free version has received a lot of deserved criticism as being absolutely useless in terms of actually cleaning any data. What is more, it requires buying the full version after 7 days.

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  • Fast scan
  • Possibility to decide what data to delete
  • Checks for different types of junk data
  • Automatic disk space checks
  • Custom threshold levels
  • Automatic email alerts
  • Removes app leftovers


  • Does not scan custom locations
  • Cannot remove APP files
  • Free version does not actually clean disk space


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