Disk Angel 1.9

Disk Angel is a comprehensive 3-in-1 tool for Mac.
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Antony Zenonos
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Disk Angel is a comprehensive 3-in-1 tool that reveals and removes unwanted files, freeing up masses of space on your hard disk in minutes.
Disk Angel combines the 3 best space saving tools normally sold separately in other apps.

1. System Junk
2. Find Duplicates
3. Reclaim Space

1. System Junk scans your hard disk for unneeded files like application caches, browser data and even old iOS backups that normally just sit there taking up space or continue to grow and accumulate over time.
Perfect for when you need to free disk space quickly and safely.

2. Find Duplicates locates ALL duplicate files on your hard disk, such as images, audio and movie files and allows you to selectively delete the unwanted duplicate files.

3. Reclaim Space takes the space saving capabilities of the above 2 features to the next level by focusing on files that generally take up the most space on a typical hard drive: Movies, Music, and Large Documents. A quick scan reveals each of these throughout the computer, lists them in size order then allows the user to selectively delete those that they simply don’t need.

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