Diabetes Pilot

Diabetes Pilot 1.0

Diabetes Pilot for Mac was built from the ground up for the Mac.
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It allows you to track all of your diabetes-related data on your Mac and includes all of the standard Diabetes Pilot features. Track, edit, and analyze your data on your Mac. Print reports, save and email your information as a PDF, export your data for use in other programs, and more. Record as much or as little as you'd like. Diabetes Pilot is flexible and adapts to your needs.
Best of all, Diabetes Pilot for Mac works together with the Diabetes Pilot iPhone/iPod app! Use your iPhone to track your information when you're out, then sync your data to your Mac to back it up, edit and analyze it, and easily create beautiful, doctor-friendly reports for printing or emailing. (iOS apps sold separately through the iTunes store)
- Recent Glucose Averages - Shows your average glucose for various time periods and your current estimated A1C.
- Logbook by Category - Shows your records in a "logbook" grid format organized by category
- Logbook by Time - Shows your records in a logbook format in a flexible grid organized by time
- Record Graph - Graphs your individual glucose readings, food, and medication over time
- Average BG by Category - Shows your average glucose organized by category
- Average BG by Hour - Shows your average glucose as an average for each hour of the day
- Average BG by Month - Shows your average glucose by month
- Glucose Ranges - Shows the number of glucose measurements in your target range, above your "high" limit, and below your "low" limit.
- Glucose Ranges by Category - Shows the number of glucose measurements in your target range, above your "high" limit, and below your "low" limit for each individual category.
- Daily Food Totals - Summarizes food intake by day
- Meal Listing - Provides a detailed list of the foods you've eaten
- Medication Totals by Day - Shows a total of the medications you've entered for each day
- Exercise Totals by Day - Shows a total of the exercises you've entered for each day
- Blood Pressure Graph - Graphs your blood pressure readings
- Weight Graph - Graphs your weight over time

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