DesktopActivity 1.5

One kind of monitoring software.

DesktopActivity is one kind of monitoring software.
It presents much information of system for you with vivid animation, which is concise and artistic fusing together with your desktop background.
At the present, it can do the following things for you:
1)It traces your location’s weather and temperature automatically.
2)It presents every CPU’s service condition and the occupied proportion of user and system
3)It shows RAM’s service condition and the occupied proportion of different state of RAM.
4)It presents activities of hard disks and the current state of input and output of hard disk.
5)It tells the service condition of different hard disk partition.
6)It shows the current speed of upload and download.
7)Battery's health, capacity, cycles and so on.
8)It presents date and time.
DesktopActivity can be used in English, Chinese and Japanese and more languages and functions will be presented in the future to be expected.

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