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Create catalogs of all data stored on your Mac.
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Organize all your books, movies, music tracks, video games, images, applications, and other items stored on your Mac. Browse virtual shelves containing an unlimited number of components. Import new items by manually inserting the information or scanning a barcode via your iSight camera.

Delicious Library 2 is a media cataloging tool for Mac. It allows you to catalog your books, movies, video games, tools, software, toys, etc. When you add an item to your catalog, it will be displayed on a virtual shelf. This is the feature that distinguishes Delicious Library 2 from other similar tools. These virtual shelves look awesome and they can hold an unlimited number of items.

You can add new items by simply typing in a name, publisher, etc., or by holding a barcode to your iSight camera. Thus, if you want to add a video game to your catalog, you can simply hold the video game case to the camera and it will be automatically added. Relevant information about new items will be downloaded from the Internet and added to the new item. For example, I tested the barcode scanner with an Xbox 360 copy of Call of Duty Black Ops. The application automatically found the product, added a virtual case to my virtual shelf, and downloaded a summary of the game. It worked like a charm.

Delicious Library 2 is a really complete app and I couldn't possibly tell you all about it here. There are a few features that I think stand out, though. Item checkout is one of them. It allows you to drag an item to a contact, which will tell the application that you are lending that person an item. It will add a calendar entry to remind you when the item is due back, so you don't forget about it. The importing of items is also important to me, and you can import movies, books, or whatever from a text file.

This is just an excellent tool that you have to have if you have a collection that you want to manage on your computer.

JF Senior editor
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  • Catalogue browsing
  • Barcode support
  • Advanced checkout


  • May fail to save data in an entry


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