DeepSleep 2.2

Save even more power in sleep mode on a Mac.
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Matthieu Beaumel
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Initiate an advanced version of sleep mode on your machine. Configure the assistant to initiate the hybernation when required and prevent any consumption of battery power or network current. Check the available configurations for different types of computers.

DeepSleep will allow your Mac laptop or desktop to sleep without using any power or drain the batteries. It saves everything to disk and stops using power completely. When you wake up your machines by pressing the power button, DeepSleep will restore everything and wake up just like you left it. It takes a little longer than normal sleep but it is a great battery saver when you know you won't be using the computer for a while. Give it a try, you will love the convenience and the extra battery life!
Super Easy to Use
- Regular Sleep: Shut your lid.
- DeepSleep Hibernate: Launch DeepSleep.
- No menu, no configuration, super easy. Features
- Hibernates your Mac.
- Extends the battery life on your MacBook.
- Saves power when you are not using your desktop Mac.
- Application can also be launched via Dashboard with the included DeepSleep Widget.
- Mac OS X Gatekeeper ready.

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