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Free It can convert DAA or GBI disk image files to the more common ISO format.
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DAA Converter is a utility that can perform conversions from the DAA or GBI disk image formats to the more common ISO format. It will prove useful when in need to access DAA or GBI files from your Mac.

DAA files result from breaking down a movie found on a CD or a DVD into smaller pieces that are archived. They can later be reasembled so that the original movie is restored and can be viewed. The GBI format is just another version of DAA. In order for DAA or GBI files to be opened from a Mac device, they must be converted to the ISO file format. By ISO image we understand an archive file of an optical disc (CD, DVD), also referred to as a disc image. This image includes the data content of an optical disc, along with the disc's file system, and it can be used to write CDs or DVDs. DAA converter will make the promised conversions, while lacking its own user interface. You can launch the application and simply be asked to open a file for conversion, by browsing your Mac for it. You will then also have access to a "file", "edit", "window" and "help" menu, but not to a complete user interface. The application will also be directly accessed when trying to open a DAA or a GBI file. When attempting to open them, they will automatically be converted to the ISO format.

DAA Converter is a simple conversion tool for changing the format of DAA and GBI files to ISO.

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  • It performs fast conversions of DAA and GBI files to the ISO format
  • Automatic conversion of DAA and GBI files to ISO when attempting to open them


  • No options for naming the output file or for saving it directly to a certain location
  • Batch conversions can only be performed by using shift-select when browsing to choose files for the format change


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