Custom Bingo

Custom Bingo 2.1

Run a Bingo session with a pull-down menu for selecting Winning Patterns.
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2.1.0 (See all)
Custom Solutions of Maryland

Custom Bingo helps you run a Bingo session. When you open Custom Bingo, you see a "Flash Board" with all possible numbers (called numbers are displayed bolded and colored), a pull-down menu for selecting Winning Patterns, a display for the Winning Pattern, a large display of the called number, a slider to change the Calling Speed and pushbuttons to control the game.

You may select a Winning Pattern from the drop-down menu or you may click on individual pattern cells to make the desired pattern. If the cell is Gray, it will change to Black, and if a cell is Black, it will change to Gray. You can change the Winning Pattern between games and when a game is paused.

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