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Currency Converter is a very useful widget to easily calculate currency conversions between more than 200 world currencies...
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Currency Converter is a very useful widget to easily calculate currency conversions between more than 200 world currencies (I think every traded currency in the world, more than any other converter available!), including all the old legacy european currencies, some world legacy currencies too, and even virtual and unrecognized currencies! Support interface themes, inverse currency conversion & expressions evaluation.
- Automatically updated exchange rates
- Support all the traded currencies of the world
- Support the old legacy european currencies (like italian lira, deutsch mark, french francs) and other legacy currencies of the world
- Support multiple currencies conversions (you can add all the currencies you want to the conversion table)
- Support multiple widget instances, so that you can keep open more than a conversion table, each with a set of preferred currencies
- You can choose the desired decimal precision, from 1 to 5 decimals
- You can evaluate expressions (ex. 10+10, 10*3,2, etc.)
- You can sort currencies by name, by ISO code or by countries (all the countries of the world are listed!)
- You can calculate the exchange taxes setting the exchange taxes rate (for example 2% for credit cards)
- You can do inverse conversion, too! Just enter * in a currency value field and you'll get the current rate for that currency vs the other currencies in the table
- Localized in English, Italian, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Greek, Serbian, Russian, Turkish, Traditional Chinese and Japanese (all the currency names are localized, too). Help me with the localization in other languages
- You can choose an interface theme between Blackboard (the new default theme), Blackboard basic (without the currency sign and currency flag), Mini (useful for small screens), Mini translucid (semitransparent) and European (the old default theme). More will be added in the future, you can suggest me your ideas about them
- Data can also be updated manually clicking on the orange button on the bottom left of the widget: anyway, starting from version 0.9.5, this only works once per hour, to avoid the overload of my server. Anyway, other products only allow you to download data once or twice a day



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