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View, store, edit, and manage sensitive information.
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Work with a protected environment for processing sensitive data on your Mac. Store and access materials such as credit card numbers, passwords, pin codes, banking information, etc. Encrypt the content with AES-256 and perform edits, replacements, and removals with permission.

CryptMe is a simple text editor/viewer which safely stores all your sensitive personal information like credit card numbers, passwords, pin codes, banking information, etc. Data is encrypted with currently strongest encryption standard AES-256.Your information is safely protected in cases of hacker attacks, viruses, trojans, malwares, device thefts and other threats of modern computing. AES-256bit algorithm has - unlike most of the other commonly used encryption algorithms - never been broken. This means your data is 100% safe as long as you use good password to encrypt the information (Do not use plain, known words, combine them with numbers and special characters).Key advantage of CryptMe is its simplicity and speed. It opens in an instant - it will very probably become your fastest os x app - and the moment you unlock the app with a password - you are presented with your information, without unnecessary clutter of groups, subgroups and unneeded details of information. You can simply copy/paste the parts of the text, for example, in case filling up web payment forms.Latest version of CryptMe includes also handy search field. Any information can now be quickly found even in if you have a lot of text. Version 2.0 and higher also supports basic text formatting (you can make parts of text bold) and changing of text font.CryptMe has also Export to file function (also import) in case you need encrypted back-up of your information. You are protected also if you forget to close and lock CryptMe - it encrypts automatically after 60 seconds of being in the background or after 60 seconds of inactivity of your computer.Get CryptMe also for iPhone and iPad:

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