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With Cribbage, catch the crib! Score 121 points first, and you win the game! With fluid action, this game is intuitive and easy to play for both novice and experienced players.
Don't know how to play? Cribbage provides help at every step of the way. Use the hand explanations, and hints to improve your skill and strategy. If you're unsure how a hand was scored, use the "Explain" button to get a breakdown of the hand's score.
Cribbage was invented in the early 1600's and derives from an even earlier game called Noddy. Immortalized in Charles Dickens' the "Old Curiosity Shop", it is the only game you can play in an English pub for money!
Cribbage is a card game for two players that involves playing and grouping cards in combinations. The cribbage board is for score keeping. The crib is a separate hand count for the dealer. There are two distinct scoring stages (the play and the show). Players take turns playing out their hands, scoring the most points they can. The first to earn 121 points wins!
Cribbage supports single player and includes 4 levels of difficulty, including an expert level for advanced players. Play the way you want! Count your own cards! Play muggins! Steal missed points from your opponent! With 3 speed levels, optional sounds effects, customizable cards, board and backgrounds, Cribbage HD will keep you endlessly entertained.
Cribbage HD Features
- Single Player Games (with Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert opponents)
- Choose between 8 vibrant background choices and 3 distinct peg boards
- Automatic or manual card counting
- Muggins option
- Explanation features for a detailed breakdown of each hand's points
- Hints for discards and play

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