CoverToaster 1.4

Amazing Album Cover art . On your screen. While you listen.

CoverToaster is a nice application for iTunes radio users. One of the inconveniences of listening to radio is that you are not always aware of what you are listening to. And when you are, all you get is the name of the song. CoverToaster addresses this problem by automatically downloading cover art for the song that is being played on iTunes. It also displays the artist and song name next to it.

By default, CoverToaster puts the cover art on the bottom left corner of your screen. But you can drag it to anywhere on the screen. From the preferences, you can also customize the icon and cover art. You can change the size and transparency of the album art and some text settings like horizontal distance, transparency, font and color. The icon and cover art have a reflection, which can also be somewhat customized.

In my testing, I launched iTunes and played a random radio station. CoverToaster immediately recognized the song being played and displayed its name. However, I didn't get any cover art or anything like that. All I saw was the CoverToaster icon. Maybe this is a trial limitation, and you will only see cover art after you register.

Even though I couldn't see album art, I still liked to see what song was being played on my desktop. It is better than going to iTunes every time a new song is played.

José Fernández
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  • Customizable


  • I didn't see any album art
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