Soundboard 2.2

Create, manage, and execute custom sound cues.
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Make sound cues for live performances, podcasts, streams, etc. Select a pre-defined sample or generate a new one and place it to a timeframe where you check the position and playback of the sounds against media clips, other effects, background music, etc.

Soundboard is a powerful, yet easy-to-use application developed by Ambrosia Software and it is used for improving broadcasts and podcasts. It allows users to create various combinations of sounds and sound effects in order to obtain a professional outcome.
It comes with complex editing tools that allow users to alter audio files by adding loop effects, ducking effects, logging effects and many other.

It has a modern look and a nice GUI that will help Mac users to quickly get themselves familiar with the tool. The preference menu allows users to make changes upon general functionality of the tool, some playback functions, appearance and midi devices. This feature-rich application also allows users to create more than one soundboard, each of the soundboards contains up to thirty-two boxes for sounds and effects. The tool comes with iTunes and WireTap Studio support, allowing the users to import files from their library. It has a low resource consumption, so it won't burden your Mac.

Briefly, you should give Soundboard a try; it comes with appealing graphics, a well-organized menu that will grant quick access to all of the features and it doesn't overwhelm your Mac.

Dave Hattey
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  • Appealing interface
  • Well organized menu
  • Various sound effects


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