Cosmographia 1.4

Solar System simulation that combines beautiful 3D graphics...
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Chris Laurel

Cosmographia uses beautiful and realistic 3D graphics to show you the Solar System. Watch eclipses on other planets, volcanoes erupting on Io, spacecraft in orbit, sunsets from space, and near-Earth asteroids making uncomfortably close approaches to our planet. Follow the Cassini mission to Saturn as it skims above the surface of Enceladus and dives through Saturn's rings. Enable all half million known asteroids and see the accelerating pace of asteroid discovery over the past few decades. If you own red/cyan anaglyph 3D glasses, you can watch everything in stereo.
Cosmographia contains a Solar System guide with descriptions of the all the planets, moons, asteroids and spacecraft. The guide is integrated with the 3D visuals: click a link in the text and see a live 3D view of a planet or moon.

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