CornerChaos 2.1

CornerChaos! is an original game in which you must drop balls into the board.
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CornerChaos! is an original game in which you must drop balls onto the board using the holes located at the top and at the bottom. The objective is to create groups of four or more balls of the same color to make them disappear and get points. When you drop the balls, they are directed to the center of the board. If the board gets filled up, the game is over. There are special balls that can be matched with any color, so use them wisely. As you progress, there will be balls of more and more colors, so the game will get more and more challenging. To advance to a new level, you must get a certain amount of points; every new level has a different background.

The games includes two modes: Standard Game and Special Game. In the Standard Game, you play until the game is over and there are three difficulty levels, whereas in the Special Game, there is a total of 150 balls to play, so the game is shorter. In both modes, you can pause the game and you can undo moves. There are no hints or power-ups, so the game gets pretty challenging. The game features simple but nice colorful graphics, simple sounds, but sadly, it has no music.

In short, if you are looking for a nice and challenging game to pass the time, CornerChaos! can be a great choice.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Easy to play
  • Two modes and three difficulty levels
  • Challenging


  • No music
  • A few customization options
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