Core4 CRM 1.0

Provides a completely open and customizable CRM platform.
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The Core4 CRM is a strikingly efficient customer relationship management system that offers organizations shared user access and control over critical business data. Users are able to efficiently manage areas including contacts, calendars, tasks, document storage, correspondence, sales opportunities, estimates, work orders, invoices, payments, inventory, time tracking, projects, reports and dashboards. In addition, it is preprogrammed to exchange data with 3rd party applications such as Outlook, QuickBooks, Apple Address Book, iCal, PayPal and through the use of optional add-on FileMaker Pro plug-ins. Core4 was built with a "your data anywhere" philosophy by providing users with access into the Core4 system through the use of a FileMaker Pro 12 client, FileMaker Go on the iPad, or from a web browser. Using techniques now available in FileMaker Pro 12, Core4 has been heavily optimized for access across a Wide Area Network and the web. Built using the award winning FileMaker Pro cross-platform database engine, Core4 is also one of the few CRM solutions that will work on both Apple and Windows computers so that everyone in your organization can access a single solution no matter what platform they deploy.
What's new in this version:
- Fixed an issue with merging addresses.
- Optimized plugin scripts.
- Updated user account preferences to allow name changing.
- Updated calendar behavior after a user is deleted.
- Fixed a bug with the modal activity window.
- Updated Orders module to automatically populate the status upon creation.
- Updated Invoices module and the script parameters.
- Updated sample data in Items module.
- Modified Clickatell implementation to s...



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