CopyWrite 2.297

CopyWrite makes the writing process easier by using a few management features.
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CopyWrite is a text editor created mainly for writers. The application allows users to focus more on the creative part of writing by providing a feature-rich platform for managing multiple documents within categories, with control over their version status.

CopyWrite uses projects for organizing different text files together; you can backup a project (automatically), rename it, add notes, move or delete it. The utility imports TXT and RTF type files. Note that in its free version, projects are limited to 5 documents only and export is disabled.

By default, CopyWrite comes with a set of categories (unfiled, chapters, characters, places, elements, ideas, premise) and version statuses (rough, second, final); users can add or remove both category and status entries.

One quite effective method of focusing on writing is the full-screen editor; I was able to change the font face, size, background color and still have access to all the documents within a project.

The utility certainly has many annotation features but they integrate quite poorly to the whole document; most similar applications include character, location, scene or timeline managers.

CopyWrite can indeed make the writing process easier compared to using word processors but that mostly applies for shorter text pieces.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Manage multiple documents
  • Full-screen editor
  • Control document status


  • Character location managers do not integrate with the main document
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