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CopyPath is a very simple and useful system utility.
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CopyPath is a very simple and useful system utility. The app sits on the menubar and it allows you to easily copy the path of a selected file. It also can copy a URL or the expanded path if you want it to. CopyPath not only interacts with a selected file. It can also detect when Finder is open and copy the path of the folder Finder is showing you or its name. Now the average user will probably not benefit at all from an application like this, but users who deal with application or web design, and who need to manually copy paths and folder names a lot will save quite some time.

When you click on the menubar icon with the left mouse button, a menu will be displayed which shows the available options: copy URL, path, extended path and name. But to save you more time, you can customize what happens when you right click the icon, or what happens when you shift-click or control-click it. You can assign any action to those behaviors.

CopyPath supports Growl notifications, which can be disabled.

In short, CopyPath is a nice time saver for users who need to copy lots of folder and path names.

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