Content Circles 1.0

Collaborative content management for distributed teams.
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Content Circles
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Content Circles revolutionizes the way people collaborate and publish content of any sort - graphics, CAD drawings, videos, images, contracts, financial reports, presentations, and more. If you store it on your computer or company network and share it with other people, then Content Circles can help you do it better, faster and more securely, right from your desktop, without having to buy or learn any new desktop or enterprise software!
Content Circles uses the model of "Circles of Interest," similar to social networking applications, but with the assurance that only your trusted group can ever access the shared content. Your content will never be stored online by us and can never be accessed by anyone without your permission. Content is automatically updated and replicated between Circle members so everyone has access to the latest information, even when they're offline.
* Unlike e-mail, Content Circles provides structure for managing your content including version management and access control, eliminates all file size limitations, provides automatic backup for all your files, and is 100% spam-free. You never have to burn large files on to CDs/DVDs and ship them around to get your job done.
* Unlike enterprise content repositories, Content Circles makes access to relevant content to all team members, including those outside the firewall, in a controlled and auditable way. You don't need to open up your firewall or provide VPN access to everyone just so they can access some content.
* Unlike web-based content repositories, Content Circles does not require you to put your content, including confidential financial and legal documents, out on the world-wide-web just so your team members outside the firewall can access that content to get their job done.
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