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Concept2 Utility 7.09

Update your Performance Monitor’s firmware and store workout data.
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Concept2 Utility is intended to be used together with Concept2 Performance Monitor. In this respect, the tool has the main purpose of updating your hardware’s firmware. Likewise, it allows storing your workout data both in a USB flash drive or a LogCard. But, not only that, the application helps you upload data to the Online Logbook so that it becomes synchronized on all your devices.

The app has a simple-to-use interface. Logically, you need to plug your performance monitor via USB to your computer. The main screen allows three operations: updating your PM firmware, uploading results to the Online Logbook at as well as perform maintenance operations like managing performance results. Likewise, it lets you erase a user’s workout data, delete a user altogether or move their data to another LogCard. Fortunately, it is extremely easy to navigate through the functions mentioned.

Regrettably, the Mac version of this tool cannot readily update PM3s. Instead, you should use the Windows version to perform an upgrade to version 97 and above. From then on, the upgrades on Mac will work as expected.

All in all, Concept2 Utility works as a great complement to your workout hardware. It allows practically doing anything you need to manage your Concept2 Performance Monitor. Fortunately, the product is free.

Pedro Castro
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  • Allows transferring workout data to a USB drive or a LogCard
  • Syncing workout data on the cloud


  • Some updates cannot be done from the Mac version
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