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ColorTagGen can generate the HTML code for any desired color in an instant.
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ColorTagGen is a free application for Mac that was designed to generate HTML or CSS tags for any desired color in no time. This tool may be regarded quite useful, especially if you don't want to waste any of your time trying to get the code for any specific color shade.

Using the ColorTagGen is very easy. After launching this small application you will be provided with five ways in which you can pick the desired color in order to generate its code. You can do that with the help of the color wheel, color sliders, color palettes, image palettes or the crayons and, once you have selected the desired color, this tool will automatically generate the HTML code in an instant (you can even choose which type of RGB code will be generated) and you can copy it to the clipboard with just a click of a mouse.

Other than that, the program comes with a simple and intuitive graphical interface and the absence of any settings to modify or complicated menus keep the job of picking the desired colors and generate their HTML codes as easy as possible.

In short, if there's a need of a free Mac application that can help you instantly copy the HTML code for any desired color, then you might employ this particular program.

Tyler Vidd
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