Color Splash Pro

Color Splash Pro 2.0

This application helps you edit your favorite pictures.

Color Splash Pro is an image editor that aims at transforming your favorite pictures into stunning artwork. This Mac application helps you keep preferred areas from your photo in full color while enabling a black and white effect over the rest of the image to get an impressive illustration.

After you select the input file you get to choose from three brush tools (in the form of a rectangular, circle, and dot), each with individual settings. You also have access to an integrated utility which when enabled it displays the picture areas where monochrome effect has been applied.

Another good aspect about this image editor is that it allows you to zoom in to the input picture and get a better glimpse at the photo while adding the black and white effect.

My only issue with this program is the fact that it works only with three image formats (PNG, JPEG, and TIFF). Hence, popular file formats such as PSD, SVG, HDR or DNG aren't supported yet.

Even though Color Splash Pro doesn't come with an inequitable price, I still think you should try other image editors to transform colorful pictures into black and white. You can find plenty of similar programs that provide you with more features and work with a wider range of image formats while offering you the monochrome results you require.

Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Gives you access to various output configurations
  • You can compare the results with the original photos before exporting


  • Supports a small amount of image formats (TIFF, JPEG, and PNG)
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