Collage Maker

Collage Maker 2.2

This Mac app helps you create photo collages with ease.

Collage Maker is an application developed to help you create picture patchworks with your photos. Whether you wish to design an image collage for your graduation day, a family reunion or other special event from your life, this program offers you with a very simple way to get the needed results.

You have access to six collage templates to choose from: Free Style, Grid, Classic, Heart, Circular and Focus. The program allows you to adjust the photo frames according to your needs (add/remove frames from the collage) or change the collage's style and settings (page size, number of lines and columns, amount of picture frames) whenever you like.

This application also provides you with several background image and collage frame templates, lets you include text content on the photo frames with picture descriptions or a title for the created patchwork, and has a Shuffle button in case you wish for the program to arrange the photos randomly on the picture collage.

The only thing missing from Collage Maker is a Undo button to dismiss previous changes made to the created patchwork. As for the rest, I was content with the results, it didn't took long to get the photo collage I needed, and the acquiring price was reasonable.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Offers you 6 collage templates
  • You can export the results to various image formats and share them on Facebook or Flickr
  • It offers you many background and text settings


  • Lacks an Undo button
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