Colibricks 1.7

Colibricks is a simple game in which you need to destroy all the bricks.
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Colibricks is a simple game in which you need to destroy all the bricks using a ball and a paddle. There are different types of bricks and some are harder to break than others and require more than one shot to destroy them completely. There are other bricks which have a power-up or down inside, which is released when you break them. It is up to you to collect them or not. There are also archer bricks which launch arrows which immobilize your paddle if they touch you, so you should avoid them.

The levels, of course, will get harder and harder as you play, and you can save games to continue them later. A great thing is that you can start from any level you want. The games are played in full screen and can be paused at any second. They all include a different layout and background, which you cannot customize. Sadly, the graphics are not very attractive, sounds are very simple, and there is no music.

To sum up, Colibricks is an enjoyable arkanoid game which offers lots of options and multiple layouts to enjoy. It is a shame that the graphics are a bit poor.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Enjoyable
  • Different layouts
  • Lots of power-ups and downs


  • Poor graphics and sounds
  • No music
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