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If you are looking for a fully-featured snippet manager then CodeBox is exactly what you need!
- Support for multiple libraries that can be put into the Dropbox to sync with your co-workers
- CodeBar helper app in the menu bar for browsing and searching through all known libraries
- Edit, Copy or Paste snippets into an active application right from the menu bar
- Use variable placeholders and abbreviations to replace text expanding software
- Extremely flexible snippet management using Tags, Folders, Groups and Smart Groups
- Over 100 syntaxes including CSS, HTML, JavaScript, C, C++, Objective-C, Python, and Ruby
- Import snippet libraries from the other snippet manager apps in one click
- Support for sharing snippets to the most popular social code services i.e Gist and Snipplr
- Each snippet can include multiple assets, for example "index.html", "script.js" and "styles.css"
- Drag and drop a custom .tmTheme into the code editor to change highlighting colors
- Import source code files and folders by dragging them into the app from Finder
- Create snippets faster using the bookmarklet Add To CodeBox or OS X Services
- All other features that you need from the code snippet manager while developing software

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