CocoaBooklet 2.0

Сreate a booklet out of a PDF file, which is known as pages imposition.
2.0.4 (See all)

This program lets you create a booklet out of a PDF file, which is known as pages imposition.
It is a useful tool to reduce the number of pages that has to be printed, which lets you save a lot of paper.

A booklet is book that is bound in the middle. Which means that a booklet has four pages printed on one sheet of paper (two on each sides). If you have for example a PDF file with 8 pages, your booklet will look like this:

• First sheet, first side: pages 8 and 1
• First sheet, second side: pages 2 and 7
• Second sheet, first side: pages 6 and 3
• Second sheet, second side: pages 4 and 5

The bottom line is that you simply print your booklet, staple it by the middle, fold it in two and you have a book.

CocoaBooklet also lets you create a minibooklet. This is especially useful for printers that cannot print on both sides.

In addition, CocoaBooklet can be setup as a PDF service. Thus, when you print a document (from your favorite browser or text editor or whatever) you will find a button that gives you the opportunity to create a PDF file but also to directly create a booklet.

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