Bookfactory 2.4

Design and order different types of printed products.

Bookfactory is intended to create different types of printed products. The software tool is the first part of a process in which you participate as a designer of your books. It allows designing various types of printed products, including phonebooks, photo calendars, photo cards, wall art and photo gifts.

Designing a book or any other printed material requires certain skills. That is why it is so great that Bookfactory lets you do that even if you do not have any training or experience in the trade. This is all thanks to almost everything is done with the help of a wizard that takes you from the first steps of selecting the type of publication to creating the printing order.

What this piece of software allows doing is logically linked to the printing services offered. Thus, you can create books with different prices and qualities, using various materials for the inner pages and the covers. Likewise, you can decide on the sizes and shapes as well as the number of pages.

Let us take for example the creation of the photo book. The tool allows you to start either from scratch or using preconfigured placeholders. Similarly, you can let the program place the photographs automatically while you decide how many photos you want in each page. Yet, you still have the possibility of placing photos manually. It is good that images can be imported from various locations like your local disks, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Google and Apple Photos.

The appearance of your photo books can be customized by using a theme back, including effects and styles. Besides, the images can be corrected automatically, or you can also adjust their brightness, contrast and saturation manually.

When you have finished your work, you can create a PDF preview to see if it really looks as you expected. It is also possible to save your project for future sessions. However, the design process is supposed to end when you add the product to the cart. Luckily, the program can calculate the price of printing and delivering it.

All in all, Bookfactory lets you take an active part in the design of your printed materials. However, it is a shame that when I tried the product some features seemed not to work. That was the case of Photo Gift and Theme Pack.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports various types of publications
  • Wizards help you design your product even if you do not have much experience
  • Freedom to create books from scratch
  • Supports various sources of images


  • Some features seemed not to work
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