Clocky 1.2

A multi-timer clock setup for mac devices.
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Gain access to clocks of different types in the interface of your Mac. Select the timers and regular clocks you need for different time zones, measurement of elapsed or remaining time, etc. Observe them in the 24-hour and AM/PM formats, enable and disable elements of the interface.

✭ The best world clock for Mac with a great design! ✭


• Add any location, or timezone (i.e. CET, EST) you want
• 24-hour and AM/PM styles
• Optional time and location name in the menu bar
• Optional relative dates (yesterday, today, tomorrow)
• Possibility to rename cities (so that you can replace it with the name of the person living there)
• Travel through time using the slider at the bottom of the window, so you can easily figure out the best time to set that meeting with the overseas office.
• Optimized graphics for Retina displays.
“Clocks has a great icon and a clean & simple UI; it also has a great color scheme and is very OS X like. The animations are beautiful with a twitchy second and a white clock face for daylight hours and a black clock face for nighttime hours.”
“Nice, minimal, one thing well, world clock app for your menubar. Need to keep track of multiple time zones? This is worth a look.”
— MinimalMac
“My favourite feature is one only recently added and that is a slider under the clock display that allows you to scroll time forwards and backwards on all the clocks. Brilliant feature for scheduling meetings within a known range of time zones.”
“As well, a handy little utility for the Mac has caught my eye. Rogue Amoeba has developers in five (!) different time zones, so it can be difficult to keep track of what time it is where. I’ve started using the beautiful little Clocks, from StudioDalton.”
— Paul Kafasis, Rogue Amoeba
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