ClockAndTrack 1.2

time tracking and consultant billing software
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Clock And Track is a native Mac OSX shareware application that automates the time tracking and billing functions required by an hourly consultant who typically works with a computer. Major features include: The ability to enter and edit expenses and work session information. A start/pause/stop timer to track working time on the computer for a client and a task. A simple, automatic and customizable report generator based on RTF templates. New: Support for non dollar currency symbols and formats
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A better look thanks to metal buttons provided by a Clock And Track user. Thank you. Improved formatting for time fields that previously required input in minutes. Now you can type 1:20 and the conversion to 80 will be done automatically. Two new preferences to control some of the behavior of the windows. The inspector window can now be configured not to disappear when Clock And Track deactivates. Also the main Stopwatch panel can be configured to float above ot...



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