Clear Fruit 1.2

Free ATTENTION!!! One of the most addictive and entertaining chess game ever!
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One of the most addictive and entertaining chess game ever!
An easy yet fantastic little game and the best for you killing time.
Relax and enjoy yourself with the funny chess game at leisure time.
When you standing in the queue, waiting for the bus, lying in bed, playing with your children.
Start playing Clear Fruit to gain lots of fun.
Just move your finger or press the mouse’s button to win scores.
Several kinds of fruit will emerge to your eyes, colorful and dynamic.
Think twice before you move the fruit, or you’ll handle the next appearing fruits in busy.
Share your high score to all of us, compete with your friends and the all players on the internet.
The higher score you win, the fronter ranking you have!
SO, let’s begin CLEAR FRUIT!
Hit the fruits and move them in a line. If five or more than five fruits in a horizontal, vertical or oblique line, you’ll win scores.
Light background music leave you in a relaxing state.
A clue to you of next fruits appearing in the plate.
Deal with the more and more appearing fruits, move them at unoccupied place.
The more fruits you clear, the higher score you gain.
Win the final score until all spaces full with fruits.
Write down your name to share your score among all the players or choose leave to gain a higher score.

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