Clean 1.0

A desktop file organizer that can group files based on month or day of sorting
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Clean is a desktop file organizer that moves files from the desktop into a specified folder. Moved files can be grouped based on the month or day of sorting. Clean comes with an option to run in the background and execute automatically every day or every week. Items with labels can be skipped if desired.

The initial window one sees upon opening the application is rather confusing: there are just two buttons, "Start & Hide" and "Clean Now". "Clean Now" runs the cleaning script immediately, taking any files and folders from the desktop and putting them into the directory specified in the Settings pane (~/Documents/Desktop/ by default), with the grouping and label-skipping preferences selected on the same pane. "Start & Hide" gets the background agent version of the application up and running, closing the graphical user interface. Make sure cleaning frequency and other preferences have been set up to your liking before selecting this option.

Sam's Protip: Invisible files on the desktop will be moved along with visible files. This won't cause any problems most of the time, but you might want to back up your computer beforehand just in case...

Sam Lloyd
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  • Works as described
  • Can be scheduled for regular clean-ups
  • Good for perennially cluttered desktops


  • The default directory is confusing, if not outright invalid
  • Consolidating into a folder on the Desktop produces an error message
  • Moves both visible and invisible files, which may not be desirable
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