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Locks apps and blocks websites to increase productivity and protect data.
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Cisdem AppCrypt is a smart app blocker and website locker that can be used with confidence to increase your productivity while working undisturbed or to prevent other users from accessing specific web pages and opening secured apps. The restrictions can be set permanently or for specific days and time intervals.

The first time you open the program, you are asked to define the AppCrypt password, which you can reset at any moment from Preferences. You need to remember this password, as it will let you unlock the apps and the websites you blocked previously. The utility runs discreetly in the menu bar of your Mac, having the appearance of a key-like icon - yet, you can hide it completely and control the locking operations with custom hotkeys. Managing the utility is an easy task - you need to add selected apps and websites to the blacklist so they can be restricted from general use. However, the utility can track the attempts to open secured apps or to connect to protected websites. It keeps a record of these failed attempts and offers to take a photo of the intruder. A major asset provided by AppCrypt is the capability to schedule the encryption. Therefore, you can decide on the time intervals when specific apps and websites can be accessed by other users sharing your computer.

In short, Cisdem AppCrypt is a security tool that controls computer activities by configuring whitelists and blacklists of allowed and, respectively, prohibited apps and websites. The support for hotkeys makes it easy to manage and keeps it invisible while running in the background.

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  • Selective encryption of apps and websites
  • Schedule encryption
  • Runs discreetly in the background
  • Failed attempts report
  • Takes photo of the intruder


  • Can't reset or retrieve a forgotten password


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