Chinese FlashCards BASIC

Chinese FlashCards BASIC 2.6

A simple and intuitive tool for learning common Chinese words and expressions.

Chinese FlashCards provides users with a simple and effective solution for learning the Chinese language by employing the help of the popular flashcard method. Its Basic version comes ready built with a database of 200 words and expressions that cover some of the most common topics.

The application's interface is well organized and it offers easy and convenient access to its features. Users can easily choose from a list of multiple WordFiles including seasons, days of the week, animals, compass, colors, months and weather. All these are used in multiple choice as well as grid type exercises.

Users may create their own WordFiles, a feature which provides extra flexibility to the application.

The Review Learning List tab will help go through mistakes, complete with correct native speaker audio pronunciation and meaning.

At all times Chinese FlashCards keeps track of all progress on its bottom panel with the learning list size, total number of words along with the number of completed words.

From the application's options panel, users may reset their current score, change the review mode, modify the exercises required and set the audio volume.

All in all, Chinese FlashCards should make for a great start in learning to speak an otherwise difficult language.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Intuitive
  • Free to use


  • Light database of words
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