Cheetah3D 7.5

Make 3D objects and animations for games, VR, or 3D printing.
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Design, modify, render, and animate 3D models and scenes. Create various types of objects from scratch or select from presets, add and edit polygons with any number of edges, add materials and properties, use tags to assign features to objects, link external 3D files, and adjust the lightning.

Cheetah3D is intended for creating 3D models and animations. Like most tools intended for designing 3D objects and animating them, Cheetah3D is definitely not an easy application to use, mostly if you do not have any experience with them. Luckily, there are lots of learning resources, many of them in the form of video tutorials, which may pave your way.

The application’s interface is quite straightforward so finding the desired feature is not a problem. It has common elements with other similar products, such as the Toolbar, the Material Editor, the Properties Box, the Transform Tool and the Object Explorer. Likewise, there is the Canvas, which, in this case, allows three different views: 3D View, UVs and Nodes.

The Tool Bar allows you to draw different geometric primitives, like boxes, balls, capsules, cones, cylinders, disc and tubes. Likewise, you can use it to draw polygon meshes and Bezier curves. Fortunately, all objects can be dragged to a different position as well as rotated and scaled.

In terms of animation, Cheetah3D may be not as powerful as other similar apps. However, it supports basic features that let you achieve quite decent results. In this respect, you can assign paths to your cameras, use skeletal deformations and apply morphing procedures. more

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  • Lots of learning resources
  • Easily navigable interface
  • Wide range of objects
  • Fast rendering with multiple features
  • Output formats compatible with many other tools


  • Would like more templates
  • Rendering supervisor may crash


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