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Perform basic and complex calculations on a Mac.
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Check out an extensible calculator solution for all kinds of calculations in your system. Work with basic formulas, as well as complex infix notation elements. Perform common scientific and binary tasks, extract, replace, adjust, remove, and otherwise process variables.

Calculator + is an advanced, extensible calculator accepting natural (infix) formula notation. There are many built in functions and operators for common scientific and binary tasks. You can easily extend Calculator + with your own functions sets, or download predefined function sets from our website for business, science and astronomy for FREE!
- Calculator + always opens a standard calculator window - however, you may open as many calculator windows as you like and save them as documents.
- Calculator + also provides a history log that allows you to check and modify your input or just jump to any desired calculation from the log.
- Calculator + also runs as a service, so you can just type a formula in nearly any Mac app, select it and run Calculator + from the Services Menu to compute the result.

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