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Brightness Slider 1.2

Simple desktop tool designed to change the screen's brightness.
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Adjusting the brightness on your screen to a proper value is quite important when it comes to long work sessions as it can help your eyes better get accustomed to the environment. While normally, the operating system provides its own tool for the job, Brightness Slider provides users with a faster and more accessible solution. The application runs unobtrusively in the menubar and is free to use.

Brightness Slider is, in fact, a simple slider, with its function visible in real time; as you move the slider with either mouse or keyboard, the screen's brightness will change. Values include both high brightness as well as total darkness.

Users can now change the brightness settings for their screen in the same manner as the sound volume. It works great for times when you need to modify these settings according to the hour of the day, sunlight or electric light available in the room available.

Optionally, the application may start automatically at login.

Brightness Slider is a simple yet very handy desktop tool aimed at all users. The fact that it's free to use makes it even more appealing.

Rory Shaffer
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