iDreamX 3.0

Manages and configures personal Dreambox files.
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3.0.19 (See all)
Work with Dreambox content such as your enigma1 or enigma2 sat/cable box files by opening and processing them in the editing suite. It features multiple tools such as the Bouquet Editor, Picon, Bootlogo Tool, a movie converter, and FTP client, a TV streaming manager, etc.

iDreamX manage your enigma1 or enigma2 sat/cable box
- Bouquet Editor
- Picon Tool
- Bootlogo Tool
- Movie Convertion Tool
- FTP Client
- Telnet Client
- Screenshots
- Streaming TV, Radio and Movies to Mac
- Streaming TV, Radio, Movies, iSight, Screen and A/V Files to Network (Internet) for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
- EPG & Timer Events
- and much more

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