Bridge Constructor

Bridge Constructor 8.1

A puzzle game that requires using different materials to build bridges.

Bridge Constructor is a puzzle game. It is mission-based, which means that you need to accomplish certain objectives to move on to the next stage. The goal of the game is to connect a group of islands by means of road bridges. Each of these missions has its particular challenges, which may be related to the abruptness of the landscape, the necessary span or the assigned budget. There are different materials you can use, with different prices, weights and strengths. So, it is your task to choose the ones that best fit the particularities of the mission.

At the beginning levels, there are frequent help tips to teach you how to play. For example, there is one particularly related to the advantage of forming triangles within your structure. It is excellent that the game has various difficulty levels. To pass a level, it is enough that a small car can go through the bridge. Yet, you can get extra credits by letting heavier traffic through. Moreover, your missions get increasingly challenging as you advance through the game.

Do not expect this game to have spectacular graphics because it does not. However, they are nicely designed and enough for the intended purpose. Thus, instead of fancy graphics, the most valuable asset of this software is its engine, which adequately simulates gravity and material strength.

All in all, Bridge Constructor can be addictive if you are into puzzles. It is one of those games that help you develop your mental capacity without you even noticing. Therefore, I should recommend it not only to adults but also younger people, particularly those who enjoy those games that require building structures.

Pedro Castro
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  • Excellent engine simulating gravity
  • Adequate help tips
  • Challenging missions
  • Multiple levels
  • Various difficulty levels


  • No spectacular graphics
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