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Brainiviersity is a utility that contains quite a few different brain teasers.
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Brainiviersity is a utility that contains quite a few different brain teasers. These include games of mathematics, logic, language and speed that can help you exercise your mind on your Mac. When you first run the game, after creating a profile, you will need to take your first daily exam. It consists of three different games. The first one is a memory game in which you need to memorize the cards that are shown first to spot the one that is added after they disappear and reappear on the screen. The second game is a math game. Here, you are asked to carry out basic addition and subtraction operations as fast as you can by typing in the results with your keyboard. Lastly, you will need to sort words alphabetically by clicking on them in the correct order, all in the allotted time. The more words you get sorted, the higher your score will be.

After you have completed your daily test and seen your score, it will be saved so that you can view your progress over time. You can now also access the other games included in this application. There are quite a few available. They are arranged in four categories: Math, Language, Memory and Analysis. When you move your mouse over one of the games, you will see how many times you have played it and what your top score is today.

Brainiversity gives you a virtual assistant that guides on how to play the game. You can mute the assistant from the Options window. There is also piano music that you can disable from here. more

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  • Trophies
  • Graphs
  • Lots of games


  • I couldn't find a way to compare my results with other users'


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