Brain Tease II

Brain Tease II 2.4

A math practice game where the player solves equations as quickly as possible.
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Paul Young

Brain Tease II is a math practice game in which the player solves equations as quickly as possible, with 90 seconds on the clock and four difficulty levels to choose from. There are three operations to perform per round, which vary based on the difficulty level but are always arranged in a pyramid shape, such that the results of the first two operations will be used as the operands for the third equation.

Under the Easy level, addition is performed between single-digit numbers; under Medium, addition and subtraction are performed between single- and double-digit numbers; playing at Hard, addition and subtraction are required for double-digit numbers; and at Very Hard, division enters the picture. The top difficulty is deserving of its name, since division results are not always whole numbers or even simple fractions.

The game keeps high scores for the top 10 scores; higher difficulties award more points per successful round in order to balance the slower rate of completion.

Sam's Protip: Under Very Hard difficulty, two decimal points of accuracy are required to get affirmation of a correct answer.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Mindful entertainment - a brain workout
  • No obnoxious sound effect for incorrect answers


  • Division introduced somewhat haphazardly
  • Unexciting interface
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