Bowtie 1.5

Lightweight, theme-based desktop controller for multiple audio services.
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There is a wide range of online repositories for audio content and with Bowtie users can easily control playback from the comfort of their own desktop. Within an elegant and lightweight interface, the application provides all the controls needed to play your favorite music as well as a few customizations of its own.

What makes Bowtie so appealing is the seamless integration into the user's desktop due to the built-in support for themes. It comes ready packed with multiple well designed styles, with many more available to download.

The application features support for a wide range of services including iTunes, Spotify, Sonora, and Radio as well as Bowtie lies in the menu bar with the Preferences present there to offer a choice of multiple "bowlet" (main window) behavior: run on top of other windows, let the theme decide, stuck to the desktop, mixed in with other windows. You can either use the default or change shortcuts for showing / hiding the bowlet, playback, volume, rating, controls.

In addition to all this, Bowtie is distributed as a free program which makes it a very appealing desktop accessory for every music listener out there.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Multiple beautiful themes to choose from
  • Simple to use
  • Free


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