BootChamp 2.1

Small utility for quickly booting into Windows.

There are many discussions regarding which operating system is better. If you are one of those that prefer variety and use multiple operating system on your machine then you will really enjoy the easy-to-use BootChamp software. The BootChamp application was designed with the sole purpose to provide you with a simple and effective manner to quickly change between operating systems. All you have to do in order to easily switch between your operating systems is to download and run the BootChamp software.

The easy to use BootChamp utility will run minimized in the menu bar and will allow you to change between your operating systems with just a few clicks of the mouse. Simply select the program's icon from the menu bar (top right side), right click, select the desired operating system that you want to change to and, just like that, your computer will reboot and start with the desired operating system. This feature is especially useful for those users that want to use multiple operating systems like MAC and Windows on the same machine.

In conclusion, the BootChamp software is a great tool to enable you to easily and quickly switch between multiple operating systems.

Mario Procione
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