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This Blueball original pro Rapidweaver theme's classy and subtle...
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This Blueball original pro Rapidweaver theme's classy and subtle, but powerful original design is perfect for companies, organizations, schools, and individuals alike who want a more refined look for their web site.The Blueball Classic Colors theme is designed to enhance your site's information content and images - not overwhelm it!
Blueball Classic Colors has a small footprint and loads very fast, allowing visitors to quickly and easily navigate through your site's pages. Enhance the impact of your Rapidweaver site's content and images today with Blueball Classic Colors - the latest original professional designer theme from Blueball Design that's Rapidweaver 4.0 ready! This theme offers the rock solid display performance in IE6, IE7, Firefox (Mac/PC), and Safari that Blueball themes are known for.
Variations included are: Full Rapidweaver 4.0 Functionality (Works with Rapidweaver 3.6.7 too). Includes 32 Color Style Pickers - Completely control the color scheme of your site page(s) in Classic Colors. 16 Preset Theme Color Styles included for you to use and modify for maximum color scheme customization!. 3 Page Widths - 740px (default), 840px, and 940px 2 Pageheader Heights - 90px (default), and 140px 10 Custom Image Slot Variations - 10 custom image slots, and custom image hide (default). 3 Sidebar Variations - Sidebar right (default), left, and hide. Vertical Nav Menu - has built in graphics with 3 sub levels. 2 Image Border Variations - On and off (default). 3 Header Alignment Variations - left (default), right, and centered. Automatic linking of the logo image to your index.html home page using the base url feature in Rapidweaver. New IE6 png Transparency that plays nice with the new Rapidweaver 4.0 versions of third party page plug-ins. Third Party Plugins - The Blueball Classic Colors theme has been tested on and works with Blocks, Columns, Accordion, Collage, Carousel, Kwix, Payloom 1, Sitemap, RapidBlog, Pluskit, RapidSearch, and RapidAlbum third party page plug-ins. 3 detailed easy-to-understand ReadMe files telling you information on the theme and theme variations, how to use and place your custom images, and version notes.
What's new in this version:
Added in complete support for Rapidweaver 4.0 features and functionality including theme styles and color pickers. Complete recoding and restructuring of theme's css files. Added in 2 new pageheader heights. Added in new png transparency fix solution for IE6 to avoid conflict with new third party page plug-ins javascript files. Added in automatic linking of the logo image to the home page index.html file. Rapidweaver 4.0 flash slideshow m...


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