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Blue SMS for Mac, when used in conjunction with Blue SMS client for iPhone...
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Blue SMS for Mac, when used in conjunction with Blue SMS client for iPhone, allows you to type an SMS message on your Mac and send it through your iPhone. The Bluetooth connection is used.
Important - Only these new Mac computers and iPhones support Bluetooth 4.0: iMac, after October 2012 Mac mini, after July 2011 MacBook Air, after July 2011 MacBook Pro, after June 2012 Mac Pro, after December 2013 iPhone 4S iPhone 5 iPhone 5S iPhone 5C ("Blue SMS" does not work with any other Macs and iPhones, only with those listed above.)
Features: typing SMS messages on your Mac and sending them via your iPhone auto connecting to iPhone's Blue SMS client reading recipients directly from Apple Contacts sending messages to an individual recipient or to a group import a group from a csv file creating message templates history of sending recent recipients list Sending the SMS message must be confirmed on the iPhone due to security reasons - this confirmation is a feature of the Apple developing environment, in which the "Blue SMS client" application is written. It is not possible to send a message without such a confirmation.

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