Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans 2.19

Collaborate with your coworkers via video conferences and content sharing.

BlueJeans is intended for collaboration, mostly at the organization level. In this regard, it supports various means of communication, including video conferences, live streaming, video calls, content sharing and text chats. Fortunately, it allows a large number of people (up to 100) to participate actively in a video conference or a webinar.

The application has a simple interface. There is a wizard to help you get connected without much difficulty. The biggest part of your screen is devoted to showing the video. Moreover, there is a panel on the right that gives you direct access to the participants’ info, the chat feature, other apps and settings. It is also possible to turn off your camera or microphone if you want to.

BlueJeans uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure the best quality of the audio and video signals. Likewise, meetings can be recorded not only on-demand but also automatically, so that you can replay the interchanges later. It is good that, when many people are expected to participate in a conference, the participants can join in silently, without disturbing the flow of the meeting. Fortunately, BlueJeans can be easily integrated with your calendar. In this respect, you can create events, with the possibility of adding recurrence and specifying who is expected to attend.

There is always a risk when sensitive information is transmitted over a network or stored in the cloud. So, it is good to hear that BlueJeans uses strong data encryption algorithms and it is even possible to set a VPN.

There are a few things that could probably make your experience more pleasant. For instance, it would be nice if it allowed a screen mode in which the screen is split to show various participants. This could avoid flickering between screens unnecessarily. Likewise, it would help to show an identification of the person currently on the call.

In short, BlueJeans allows the various members of an organization to collaborate remotely. It supports large and small teams alike. It delivers a stable and reliable data transfer service. The tool is available in two licenses: Standard and Pro.

Pedro Castro
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  • Integrates various means of communicating and sharing
  • Excellent quality of audio and video signals
  • Scheduled meetings
  • Allows recording video conferences
  • Strong data encryption algorithms
  • Supports VPN connections


  • Would be good to split the screen to show various participants
  • Would be to show an identification of the person currently on the call
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