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View your friends' photos and upload your own to Facebook.
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Connect to your Facebook account without using a web browser and upload your multimedia files to Facebook or download entire albums of your or your friends' photos and videos. Insert various information, like location or captions in your images before uploading them and preview their thumbnails.

Bloom is intended to help you manage photographs on Facebook. In this respect, the application lets you upload, view and download pictures. Likewise, it allows organizing them by creating albums and adding captions. The tool is extremely easy to use, with a tabbed interface that allows finding the desired features and minimizes the number of visible options. Necessary or not, the availability of a quick guide is also welcomed.

To start using it, Bloom requires authenticating to Facebook, which you have to do on your browser. It may also be necessary to change your connection settings if you are surfing the Internet behind a proxy server.

When creating a new album, it is necessary to give it a name; additionally, but not compulsorily, you may also specify a place and provide a description. Then, the album can be populated via dragging and dropping pictures as well as picking them on Finder. Your photographs can be easily arranged also by drag-and-drop operations as well as described with captions. It is quite convenient that you are allowed to use privacy settings so that only authorized people can view your album.

Fortunately, the tool also helps you view your Facebook friend’s photographs, depending on their privacy settings, of course. Likewise, it lets you download existing albums to a given local directory. It is also good that the contents of any album can be viewed, both as individual photos and as a slideshow, with the possibility of rotating or changing zoom values.

All in all, Bloom lets you upload photos and videos to Facebook without much effort. The product is available in two different versions: Standard and Pro. Although the standard is free to use, it feels more like a trial of the full version, as it has too many restrictions. In this regard, it will not let you post photos directly on Facebook pages, convert to other image formats or download albums. Regrettably, it cannot upload large pictures either.

Pedro Castro
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  • Allows downloading full albums
  • Supports tagging and captioning
  • Supports viewing albums as slideshows


  • The standard version cannot post photos directly on Facebook pages
  • It can't convert to other image formats
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